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5 Reason Why You Should Walk Your Dog Daily

Everyone knows when they ask their dog if they want to go outside or for a walk, they are usually excited and run straight to the door. Knowing exactly how your dog feels and any given moment is a mystery, but you can feel the excitement when they want to go outside. We are going to look at why walking your dog is such an important part of your dog’s routine. So, here are 5 reasons that you should walk your dog daily.


Socialization should be done at a young age to prevent negative behaviors like barking and growling at other dogs. The socialization aspect is for both you and your dog multiple studies have proven that dogs make you more approachable. Most socialization skills are built from when they are puppies but continually introducing your dogs to new people and situations will give your dog the chance to experience a new world of possibilities.

Strengthens Your Bond

Going for walks is a bonding experience. While some dog owners rush their dogs while texting on their phones it is good to put the phone down and bond with your dog during walks. A large part of walking is gaining trust in your dog it helps both of you solidify your bonds and trust each other. Walking your dog daily shows them that they can depend on you and trust you in the future.

Physical Exercise

This is another great reason to walk your dog. Studies in both humans and canines show that the majority are lacking in exercise. Walking every day for around 15 minutes not only helps your dog relieve themselves but helps stretch out their muscles and joints as well. Light jogging is also encouraged to help strengthen and support muscle growth and health. Physical exercise is also known to help with numerous health conditions and can help shed unwanted weight.

Confidence Booster

Having a routine helps build your dogs confidence in your and their route. When something is predictable your dog will have confidence especially in shy and fearful dogs. Creating a daily routine that includes jogging, socialization, and relaxation all contribute to your dog’s overall health.

Mental Exercise

Physical exercise is great but mental stimulation needs to be achieved in tandem. This is where exploration comes in. While routine helps build confidence exploring new neighborhoods is great enrichment for them. Taking the time to let your dog sniff around is helpful as well designated a few periods of time during your walk where your dog can sniff around. Its also good training to use a cue when you are ready to keep moving forward.

When walking your dogs, you will also need a collar, leash and harness. It is illegal in most states to walk your dog without one so here is a pros and cons guide when it comes to collars and harnesses where you can decide which is best for your walks and your dogs.

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