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Does My Dog Need a Harness?

If you just got a new puppy or you have noticed that you aren’t comfortable walking your dog on a collar a harness might be the right choice. With so many choices on the shelves it can be difficult to commit to a harness. Before you take the plunge, you should figure out if you even need one in the first place.

Ask The Tough Questions

· Does your dog pull when you walk them?

· Has your dog coughed or gagged when you pulled on their leash?

· Does your dog keep slipping out of their collar?

· Did your dog collar break/unclip?

If you answered yes to any of these questions a dog harness is a better option.

Choose Your Harness

The Dog Helios Sporty Nylon Leash & Harness is a cheap alternative for a dog collar. Its great for small to large dogs and has a stainless-steel leash connector. Great for the beginner dog walker.

The Dog Helios Tripod Comfort Leash & Harness is the next step up. It offers additional comfort with its soft neoprene lining and has a rescue handle in case of emergencies.

The Dog Helios Journey Wander Harness & Leash is constructed to spread the distribution of weight over the entire chest. It also features reflective tubing for added visibility on nightly walks.

The Dog Helios Freestyle Dog Backpack Harness comes with a harness, leash, and a removable backpack for short strolls. The harness also features a waterproof outer shell.

Continue reading for more information about dog harnesses.

Why Choose a Dog Harness?

For Pulling Dogs: If you have a dog who is known to pull while you walk them, they can be injuring themselves with a standard collar. A harness takes away the stress on the neck area and places it on their chest and back. This helps prevent their trachea from being damaged by either you or your dog pulling on their collar.

For Escape Artist Dogs: If your dog tries to always get out of their collar, a harness is secured over their chest so there isn’t a way to escape. This can also prevent dangerous situations where you dog can slip out and run away.

For The Pups: Puppies have a hard time at first understanding their limits. Therefore, its harder at first to control your dog with a collar rather than a harness. Also, the dangers of pulling on the leash why your dog is still a puppy can hurt them worse than a larger sized dog.

For You: Walking with a harness is a lot easier making the stroll more fun. With a dog yanking your arm out of socket, its hard to enjoy the walk. For the first time dog owners it is also easier to control your dog with a harness than a collar.

What Do The Experts Say?

From what we have gathered most veterinarians recommend a harness as the better alternative when connecting a leash. They also advised that you should have both a collar and a leash. The harness should be used when attaching a leash and the collar should be used to display their id tags in case, they get lost. It should also be noted that when at home you should remove both their harness and leash to avoid rope burn or sensitive skin in those areas.

For a collar you should be able to slip 2 fingers underneath the collar to ensure a snug yet comfortable fit. If you are using a harness for long periods of time (over an hour at a time) having one made of mesh or padding is also advised.

What Kind of Harnesses Are There?

Nylon: Nylon is the most common material used when making a harness and collar since it has increased strength over polyester. If you have a large dog look for a harness that has reinforced stitching as well to make sure the cross sections won’t break.

Mesh: While Nylon is a great material it isn’t as comfortable as cotton. However, cotton isn’t a great material for a harness which is why mesh is the best alternative for comfort and breathability. Mesh harnesses and collars are softer, wont cause chaffing, and maintains its durability.

Backpack: The backpack harnesses come in a wide variety of designs. If you want your dog to carry their water and food bowl during a hike a backpack harness work perfectly. Some of these types of harnesses also come with detachable storage so they can be used when needed.

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