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Who is Dog Helios?

Dog Helios first splashed onto the scene in 2007 with a team of talented and former outerwear designers for the leading North-American human fashion-wear brands that exist today with a concept of bringing the latest performance-wear fabrics with advanced technologies, including the latest trims and transforming these designs from human to mans best friend. We specialize in developing and engineering performance dog coats, premium camping dog beds, durable dog harnesses and collars, to dog life jackets and a first-to-the-market collection of Dog Yoga and Fitness wear. Born in the wild our collections are inspired for the extreme outdoors from camping to hiking and meant to withstand the harshest weather conditions around, every item is premium made and go through the rigorous testing. Many of our Dog Jackets feature waterproof coating and specially developed Blackshark Technology with reflective stitching, to inner lined Heat Reflective Technology that is also 3M insulated among other new state-of-the-art fabrics used by the U.S. Army. Our Dog Yoga Wear collection features the latest stretchy fabrics that utilize 4-way stretch technology that feature Quick-Drying technology with Anti-Microbial properties. Our Harnesses and Leashes use specially formulated Cordura Nylon with special embedded reflective stitched fabrics. Each of our products feature embroidery and embossing with the Dog Helios seal of perfection. 

Our Story

Dog Helios was first introduced in 2007 with a concept of developing and creating a collection of human-grade performance-wear for Dogs. The Dog Helios brand started out as a byproduct of the Touchdog brand that had originated  in the - then Western influenced areas of Southern Asia, by a talented designer by the name of Leo [To Read about Touchdog's story Click Here]. in 2009 Dog Helios had formed a partnership with Pet Life presently one of the largest North American-based manufacturers of fashion and designer pet products; together they've formed a coalition to include the most talented former designers for the largest performance and outerwear staple brands sold in North America. Presently Our Dog Helios Collections are sold in well over 45 countries to date on all 5 continents as arguably one of --if not -- the largest dog hiking and camping outerwear brands sold in Asia, North and South America and throughout Europe with great success. Our collections range from Full Body Dog Jackets to Leashes to Dog Yoga wear we ensure proper performance and user ability.  Every item we manufacture utilizes the latest most technologically advanced fabrics, trims and textiles that are meant to perform. We go through the most rigorous testing and stand by our name - we spare no expense - we embroider it and we emboss it, to let you know that we're serious.

Inspired by the leading North American and Globally Recognized outerwear brands and the desire to bring more love to dogs and animals in China, Dog Helios as an extension of Touchdog is often credited as a brand that completely changed the landscape and depletion of animal cruelty and execution in Asia. This brand had originated in Asia at a time when dogs specifically in China where Dogs weren't considered to be companion animals by the masses, since the launching of this brand and at the time - the first-ever introduced true performance dog outerwear brand and a lot of consumer driven interest and demand began to grow particularly in China as dog adoption started to rise as animal cruelty began to decline. While there's no exact way of knowing how great of an impact our Dog Helios and Touchdog brands had helped change or bring massive awareness to dog adoption, make no bones about it, both of these brands at the very least have been credited for helping shape an entire continent. We pride ourselves on become the face of such a cultural change that we've witnessed alongside our growth.

Our Goals

We strive on not just growing our operations but helping to continuously fight causes related to animal cruelty and adoption awareness through our designs, inspirations and desire to combine the latest and most technologically advanced performance premium and high-end fabrics and creating masterpieces to combat any terrain and weather from frigid temperatures to the hotter weather climates with breathable and permeable fabrics that feature breathable and cooling properties. We do it all for our brand loyalists and to continue our goal to completely eliminate animal cruelty by driving more awareness. After all we're more than just a brand, we're more than a just a story, we're a transition on a mission. And to our fans we humbly say thank you for supporting our brand and supporting our cause through our designs and your much appreciated brand support!

Thank You!

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