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Do You Need An Inflatable Dog Bed?

While there are many benefits to owning dog beds, do you need an inflatable one? While we try to give our pets the best lives possible is it worth it to spend the extra money on one that inflates? Before we get into the cost, we need to list the reasons why you would need an inflatable dog bed.

If you don’t already own a dog bed, there are many benefits it provides them with safety, comfort, warmth, and there are also health benefits associated with dog beds and mats.

Since the best beds on the market are ones that are washable, durable, and comfortable an inflatable dog bed covers all of these while providing even more dog essentials.

What Are The Benefits?


When you are traveling you are looking for something durable and compact. Since an inflatable dog bed can inflate it can also deflate to save space. This is essential when traveling on planes or road trips in the car.

While you’re traveling accidents like rips and tears can happen when transporting anything. Since inflatable beds aren’t made of a cotton material you don’t have to worry about it snagging or ripping.

Sleeping on a hard floor when traveling with your dog isn’t optimal and having a raised dog bed can relieve the stress from traveling.

Health Reasons

There are many studies that raised dog beds can relieve stress their muscles and joints. This is especially true in older dogs with health issues like hip dysplasia and arthritis.

Traditional dog beds have a circle shape where a dog can curl up to fall asleep. However, a comfortable dog doesn’t usually sleep like this. Dogs will sleep in a curled position to protect its vulnerable belly.

A dog who is stress free will usually sprawl out over a larger area. Because of this a large size dog mat might be more beneficial to your dog in the long run. The nice thing is that inflatable dog beds come in large sizes which is perfect for dogs that are small to extra-large sized ones.


Cleaning is an issue when it comes to dog beds and it should be done at minimum twice a month. If you don’t own a machine washable dog bed this can be tedious.

Since inflatable dog beds aren’t made of cotton and cloth like materials so cleaning can be done easily. These beds don’t usually stain since they are waterproof and with mild detergent along with a hose you can wash their bed outside.

Now that we know the benefits of owning an inflatable dog bed. This is the best we have to offer.

The Best Inflatable Dog Bed

While we only offer one inflatable dog bed, we believe it to be the best available for the price. The Dog Helios Aero-Inflatable Dog Bed is waterproof, lightweight, and deflates in seconds for easy storage.

The problem with other inflatable pet beds is that they can puncture, but ours is tear proof and abrasive proof. This also makes cleaning easier as the material is also waterproof and is great for traveling.

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