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Top 3 Best Dogs For Families

Top 3 Best Dogs For Families

When it comes to choosing the best dog for your family you must look at many factors. A dog’s size, weight, and demeanor all play a part in choosing the right puppy for you. Going over 190 breeds by AKC standards is a daunting task so we are trying to make this the perfect guide to choosing the best dog for your home.

Best Dogs For Families

This category has a few check boxes to fill these spots. The dogs listed here are the most versatile fitting into any situation. Having a Maltese for long hikes in the woods makes as much sense as a Husky living in the desert. Families have a lot of requirements that need to be filled and having a dog that’s able do all of them are few and far between.


Beagles are the perfect family dog! Beagles have a calm temperament making it perfect for small children. Given Beagles short stature carrying your dog around on a train or bus is a plus. Beagles were originally kept as hunting dogs, so they are endless balls of energy when they play. They are a short hair dog which means you don’t need to visit a professional groomer. There is only one small downside to beagles is that they aren’t hypoallergenic so if you have allergies stay away. Short hair dogs shed more frequently than long hair dogs

Beagles are smart and they usually get along with other pets. In almost every situation you can think of a beagle can fill that spot. Going for a hike a beagle can keep up all day. Living in an apartment great a beagle is a small dog perfect for apartment living. Have a family, living alone, or living in the county a Beagle will fit right where you need it.

Golden Retriever

The gold standard of dog breeds is here when you think of the best dogs for families. The Golden Retriever has it all it is smart, patient, kind, active, all rolled up into one perfect floof dog. They aren’t a snubbed nose dog which takes care of any breathing problems for the most part. Golden Retrievers can adapt to any situation however we rank it slightly under a Beagle. While Golden Retrievers can do everything, a Beagle can its large stature, not being hypoallergenic, and having a large coat which needs professional grooming puts it under the Beagle. We aren’t saying that a Golden Retriever is a bad dog we believe that the Beagle is more versatile to all different types of families.


This breed is widely known from its spotlight on TV as the Lassie dog. Collies are lively, vastly intelligent, and the ability to perceive when something is wrong. Collies are known for their heroics as well as being an excellent family companion. Collies are wonderful around children and their unending devotion toward their owners are second to none.

Some of the downsides of owning a Collie. In larger dog’s hip dysplasia is a factor along with their long coats needing a professional groomer. These pups are mostly pampered so socializing with other dogs will make your collie more well-rounded. Collies are adaptable living in both the city and country, which is the reason why the Collie is on the list. When owning a larger dog carrying it is out of the question and with a dog twice the size comes with twice the food. Collies were originally breed as sheep dogs so in order to keep them healthy regular exercise is needed.

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