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Dog Helios Camping Gear

With a little over a month left for the summer season there isn’t a better time to go camping. Here are some of our favorite gear for camping with your dog.

Dog Camping Beds

This is one of our favorite dog beds for camping it comes in a wide variety of colors and its specifically made to be lightweight and waterproof. We all know dogs get messy especially when outside so even if your dog leaves muddy dog prints on its bed no worries you can easily wash it off. We made this bed for the experienced camper with a buckle that locks onto most outdoor travel backpacks.

If you are looking for a dog sleeping bag rather than a dog camping bed our trail-barker sleeping dog bed is the best option. Like our Cordura camping dog bed it is waterproof, windproof, and durable. While a wet dog may bed a happy dog if its sleeping bag isn’t breathable, you’ll be taking that smell home with you. One of the best functions of this dog sleeping bag is that it opens into an extra wide dog bed. If you are going camping with your pooch for over a week, we recommend this sleeping bag.

If your dog lives the pampered life, has arthritis, or any medical condition that makes it difficult to sleep on anything hard this is the camping bed for you. Our inflatable dog bed just like the others it is waterproof and tear proof with the added comfort of a raised air mattress. You’ll be jealous watching your dog sleep on this air mattress while you’re sleeping in a sleeping bag.

Dog Camping Backpack

If you are going on long hikes with your dog during your camping trip a dog backpack is the perfect companion. Why hold all your dog’s essentials like his dog bowl, water bowl, dog food, & waste bags it is a lot to carry along with your essentials. With a dog backpack it can hold all of that and a bag of chips. When working on the design for this doggy backpack our inspiration was driven to be completely modular. With that ambition we succeeded in creating a backpack with removable bags since having a backpack on for a short stroll seemed pointless. Just the backpack part from our competitors cost as much as ours and we are giving you a leash and harness combination with it. Even if you are just looking for a leash and harness, we are still competitively prices and you have the option of using the bags functionality.

Dog Life Jackets

Regardless of which dog life jacket you’re interested in they both perform the same they just have different colors and designs. The tidal explorer however also comes in an extra-large size which the splash explorer does not. If you are going to a camping ground near a lake or if you’re on a boat, you should have a life jacket for your pup. Even dogs who are great swimmers will eventually tire when treading water throughout the day and a life jacket keeps them visible and can pick up some of the slack when your dog is swimming.

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