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Does My Dog Need A Life Jacket?

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Does My Dog Need A Life Jacket?

If you dog loves to play in the water during the summer months you should ask yourself does my dog need a life jacket. Some canines while they love the water, they have a hard time treading especially smaller dogs tend to sink more than the larger breeds especially snubbed nosed dogs. One of the best ways to get around having your dog sinking in the water is with a life vest/jacket.

What Are The Benefits?

There are a lot of health benefits for swimming with your dog. Dog that suffer from hip dysplasia Corgis for instance you can see the benefits immediately by relieving the stress off their hips while they are in the water. If your dog has gained a little weight over the winter swimming is a great exercise for them shedding those unwanted pounds. If you have an older dog or one that really enjoys swimming having a life jacket can promote a new healthy lifestyle for you and your dog. If you want to read more about how hydrotherapy can benefit your dog you can read more here.

What Are The Options We Offer?

We personally have two different options from small to large dogs. Our first option is the Tidal Guard Dog Helios Life Jacket. It comes in three color blue, orange, and pink. The other option we offer is the Dog Helios Splash Explore Life Jacket. It also comes in three colors yellow, red, and pink.

Black Dog Wearing a Light Blue Dog Helios Life Jacket

The Dog Helios 'Tidal Guard' Multi-Point Strategically-Stitched Reflective Pet Dog Life Jacket Vest is a full body system geared with ultimate flotational protection with Mobility and Safety in mind. Features a specially treated 600D Oxford Nylon Exo-Shell that Durable, Tear Resistant and Reflectively Stitched for added night emergency safety and visibility. This Life Vest features a fused full flotational body with Triple Dual-sided extended buoyancy points for a full free range of motion with added flotational protection. Improved mobility helps prevent freezing or over-working of muscles during swimming activities. This Life Jacket features an above-top durable rescue handle for easy rescue in water by boat hook or by hand grab and is cross stitched for added Durability. Features a Dual harness ring along the back-side and 3 Durable thicker-grade Adjustable Nylon buckle straps that secure around the body with underneath Ultra-Thick and Durable Velcro enclosures that Velcro underneath the below-the-belly Nylon Straps and below the Neck straps for added security. Get Outdoors with Dog Helios! Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors.

Yellow Dog Helios Life Vest

The Helios Splash-Explore Outer Performance 3M Reflective and Adjustable Buoyant Dog Harness is composed of 600D Oxford Nylon that is Durable, Tear Resistant and offers Buoyant properties. This Dog Harness features an above-top rescue handle for easy rescue in water by boat hook or grabbing. Features a double sided harness ring and features Bar-Tack double stitching complemented with 3M Reflective weaving on the sides and back for extreme safety. features 3 very strong buckles that gently release when clicked. Great for land or Sea usages. Get Outdoors with Helios Dog! Available in Multiple Colors.

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