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Best Dog Helios Jackets For 2020

There are a lot of different dog jacket out there but what are the best Dog Helios jackets for 2020. Since we offer a wide selection of dog coats and jackets, we are going to break down which one is the best dog coat for you.

The Best Overall Dog Helios Jacket

When it comes to choosing our best overall jacket, it needs to fit a certain criterion of coverage from rain, snow, sleet, and hail. Our best jacket needs to also come in a variety of colors and sizes without sacrificing coverage. In our opinion the best Dog Helios waterproof rain jacket must be our Weather King Ultimate Dog Jacket. It is a full body dog jacket with all the bells and whistles needed to keep your dog warm and protected no matter the weather hence the name weather king.

Our jacket is lined with exclusively developed Black Shark Heat-Retention Technology which reflect and maintains your pets heat throughout the body. This innovative fabric is lightweight, waterproof, impermeable, windproof, snow proof, and tear resistant. Additionally, the Dog Helios Weather-King Jacket Features a Waterproof treated Lightweight Polyester blended outer shell with added coatings that add to durability of the outer shell. The fabric also features surrounded reflective tubing for safety at night, during any extreme sports and activities. It also features velcro adjustable sleeves to further prevent any cold air from penetrating the sleeve areas.

The Weather-King Dog Jacket further features an additional adjuster by the neck area and the hood completely opens closer to the facial area to protect the face from any type of frostbite. Features connector belly and chest velcro closures for added warmth and support for a more customized fit. Features leash slit holder at the backside with accented Embroidery and Print on the outer shell.

Most Affordable Dog Helios Jacket

Our most affordable Dog Jacket must be our Dog Helios Octane Softshell Neoprene Reflective Dog Jacket. This jacket is made to keep your dogs body warm by using the same black shark reflective lining to keep the heat in. We recommend this one for medium to large dogs since they are better at keeping their body heat regulated in the winter months. Where this lacks in comparison to our best dog jacket is that it isn’t full bodied, but it makes up for it in the convenience of putting it on and off. If you are going for a light walk or jog in the winter this jacket will keep your dogs core temperature up with out restricting movement. Having all the high-quality standards of our best jacket with less movement restrictions.

Best Full-Bodied Dog Jacket

Our most affordable jacket in this category is our Hurricane Waterproof Dog Jacket. It offers a thinner lining while offering almost as good protection as our more expensive versions. If you live in an area where it doesn’t get too cold or have heavy downpours this is the jacket for you. Our jacket has Velcro straps on the hindlegs offering as much movement as our Octane dog jacket with the added benefit of fully covering your dog from the rain and snow. Just adjust the straps if you want full protection from the cold or loosen them when going for an early morning jog.

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