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10 Dog Helios Brand Products Under $50

Finding the best dog gear for the price can be daunting so we curated our list of the best Dog Helios brand products that are under $50.

Dog Helios Neo Indestructible Dog Leash $29.99

Our Dog Helios indestructible dog leash has that name for a reason. If you are looking for a strong leash for your dog look no further. We reinforced every stitching seam twice for added toughness and durability. We created this dog leash for a dog who likes to pull which is why we added a polar fleece lining to the handle for added comfort. This dog leash also comes with a matching collar with a strong clip that won’t pop open which is needed for dogs who like to pull.

Dog Helios Freestyle 3-in-1 Dog Backpack $29.99

This isn’t the first time we are featuring our 3-in-1 dog backpack. With a focus on a modular design we made the backpack detachable for when you aren’t on long hikes. We are offering a backpack, harness, and leash for the same price as a leash and collar combination from our competitors. Its sporty look, reliable materials, and functionality created the perfect dog backpack called the freestyle dog backpack.

Dog Helios Torrential Raincoat $32.99

My dog hates going outside in the rain, but with this dog raincoat she loves it. The best thing about this jacket is that it is 100% waterproof and comes with a waterproof zipper on the back for easy leash attachment. The hood, legs, and boy all have adjustable draw strings making it tailor fit for your dog. We went with this design choice for the growing dog in mind which can adjust to your dog’s body shape even if they gain a couple of pounds.

Dog Helios Torrential Full Body Raincoat $32.99

Our full body version of this coat has increased surface coverage protects your dog from getting wet. We made two different version for different types of people and environments. While the full-bodied version offers superior protection, it takes longer to put on and adjust. If you are looking to quickly put on a raincoat and if you don’t live in an area with heavy rainfall, we recommend the regular version of this raincoat.

Dog Helios Octane Dog Jacket $36.99

We created this jacket for the high-octane dog. If your dog likes to run in the rain, snow, and frigid temperatures this is the jacket you need. While it lacks in full body coverage it makes up for it by being less restrictive and easy to put on. This jacket is best suited for medium to extra-large dogs who can maintain their body temperature to their other extremities. With the black shark heat reflective lining snow days will be the best days for your dog to be outside.

Dog Helios Rufflex Dog Tracksuit $42.99

While you might think a tracksuit isn’t needed its great for seasonal shifts in temperature. When creating our Dog Helios yoga collection, we wanted your dog to feel unrestricted when jogging in the mornings. We also created a special blend of materials that both cools and warms the body keeping your dog’s temperature steady during all seasons. Lastly it is machine washable and comes in a variety of colors to match your personal style.

Dog Helios Namastail Dog Hoodie Tracksuit $44.99

After creating the Rufflex this was the next step up in the design process. The Namastail dog yoga tracksuit has been engineered with perforated stretchy fabrics at strategic points to release heat while trapping cooler air within those pockets. Sun showers do happen which is why we included a lightweight hood if it starts to rain. While it isn’t waterproof it can keep your dog from getting soaked during a sun shower. When the hood is on it offers almost 100% UV protections against the suns harmful rays protecting your dog from being burned. Just like the Rufflex the Namastail is machine washable and available in multiple colors.

Dog Helios Tail Runner Dog Track Suit $44.99

When creating the Tail Runner tracksuit, we wanted to make a fully perforated breathable design. In doing so it maintains body temperature better than any of our other offerings. This tracksuit is perfect for those long hikes in the woods and with its quick drying technology even if the tracksuit gets wet it will be dry in no time. If you are looking for the best performance Dog Helios tracksuit this is the one for you.

Dog Helios Hurricane Dog Coat $49.99

When it comes to choosing a dog coat you are looking for a few specific features. A good dog jacket needs to be waterproof, heat reflective, and excels in extreme weather conditions. The Hurricane dog jacket does all that and more with its lightweight design and its tear resistant. That is why we called this dog jacket the Hurricane because it performs under hurricane like conditions.

Dog Helios Tidal Guard Life Jacket $49.99

During the summer a dog life jacket is needed even for larger dogs. This jacket is best used when on a boat or near a lake. Dogs who are great swimmers can also benefit from a life jacket which helps them tread water easier and keeps them visible with our reflective colors. If you own a pool and an older dog a life jacket can help release some tension on your dogs joints giving your dog a low impact exercise.

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